giovedì, luglio 23, 2009

Segnalazione: intervista a David Parnas

Altra segnalazione, sempre sullo sviluppo software.  Una vecchia intervista (1999) a  David Parnas. Da leggere. Un paio di passaggi illuminanti e attualissimi.

Q: What is the most often-overlooked risk in software engineering?
R: Incompetent programmers. There are estimates that the number of programmers needed in the U.S. exceeds 200,000. This is entirely misleading. It is not a quantity problem; we have a quality problem. One bad programmer can easily create two new jobs a year. Hiring more bad programmers will just increase our perceived need for them. If we had more good programmers, and could easily identify them, we would need fewer, not more.

Q: What is the most-repeated mistake in software engineering?
R: People tend to underestimate the difficulty of the task. Overconfidence explains most of the poor software that I see. Doing it right is hard work. Shortcuts lead you in the wrong direction and they often lead to disaster.

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