venerdì, gennaio 19, 2007


New release of IEC16022sharp

I have added a new class for very fast creation of 1 bit/pixel Bmp file.

mercoledì, gennaio 17, 2007

How to insert a 2D DataMatrix in a pdf using IEC16022Sharp and iTextSharp

A very simple example:

Document doc = new Document(new Rectangle(0, 0, 595, 842));
FileStream os = new FileStream("DataMatrixout.pdf", FileMode.Create, FileAccess.Write);
PdfWriter writer = PdfWriter.GetInstance(doc, os);
doc.Add(new Paragraph("IEC16022Sharp simple test"));
DataMatrix dm = new DataMatrix("This is a test with iTextSharp and Iec16022Sharp");

// Add image to document
Image img1 = Image.GetInstance(dm.Image, ImageFormat.Bmp);

// Add image to Pdf direct content
Image img2 = Image.GetInstance(dm.Image, ImageFormat.Bmp);
img2.SetAbsolutePosition(300, 700);


martedì, gennaio 16, 2007


I have published the first public realease of Iec16022Sharp, a C# library for generating 2D Data Matrix barcode.

The core of the library is a C# porting of an existing ansi C code currently maintained by Stefan Schmidt (

giovedì, gennaio 11, 2007

Esperimenti con System.Transaction, Typed DataSet e MSMQ

In questi giorni sto facendo un po' di esperimenti con i Typed DataSet in NET 2.0. Tutto molto interessante e potente ma...

[Typed DataSet, TransactionScope, TableAdpter & C.]

lunedì, gennaio 08, 2007


Dal 1 Gennaio 2007 lavoro in Intellidoc srl