venerdì, ottobre 24, 2008

Pdf2AfpLib - alpha release

I've released on SourceForge the alpha version of Pdf2AfpLib.

Pdf2AfpLib is a library for converting Pdf files to Afp files. It's written in C# and uses Ghostscript for a part of the conversion process. At the moment it generates only black and white Afp files. No gray scale, no color.
Important: all the content is rasterized. In the resulting afp file, every page contains only one big image that completely covers the page.

The conversion runs through 2 steps:
  1. Pdf is converted to tiff G3 files using Ghostscript. One tiff for each page.
  2. Tiff are parsed and the image content is imported as an IOCA image in the output afp.

At the moment you can download the source code only from the Subversion repository on SourceForge.
Repository URL:
If you want to browse it:

domenica, ottobre 12, 2008


Iec16022Sharp released.

Added HexPbm output support  (by Andrew Francis)